Q: How do I send your cookies to an APO/FPO?
A.  We are currently integrating our e-commerce system to the US Post Office to give accurate weights and measures. In the mean time, please email us directly at info@squirrelsbakery.com with the items and quantities you wish to order along with the address and we will email you back an invoice payable online with Google Checkout - with a bonus discount for those serving our nation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 757 819-4165.
Q: Where is your bakery located?
A.  We work out of our home kitchen in Virginia Beach, VA which we upgraded prior to opening to meet FDA, local and state regulations.
Q: Do you have a storefront?
A.  No we don't. Our cookies are available through our website, local festivals, farmers markets and soon in local shops and restaurants.
Q: Why don't you offer typical smaller cookies?
A.  The single serving bar cookies have similar thickness to the "Big" cookies. Squirrel found through his research that thickness and texture contribute substantially to the cookie's connoisseur's experience.
Q: How long do your cookies last?
A.  Our cookies typically last about three weeks Like all other food products, our cookies taste best if they are eaten right away. If you can't finish all of them in this time period, we suggest freezing them or sharing with your friends and family.
Q: Why do you prefer to ship Fed Ex 2-day?
A.  Our cookies are meant to be eaten right away since they are baked fresh without any artificial preservatives. We opt FedEx 2-day because it's slightly less expensive than regular FedEx, but you get fresh and delicious cookies.
Q: Can I come by and pick up the cookies?
A.  Unfortunately local zoning rules do not allow us to have customers over at the home kitchen. However we would be more than glad to deliver our cookies to you.
Q: Is your mascot available for events and parties.
A.  Please call 757 819-4165 for more information.
Q: Why don't we see Squirrel, the Bukowski's, Puppy and Tiger at local events?
A.  They have been very busy baking cookies and managing the company. However, their representatives can convey your message directly to them.
Q: Who are these company representatives?
A.  These are a few of the actual people employed by Squirrel's Bakery: Adarsh, Indre and Alexander Grover. Please contact any of them at info@squirrelsbakery.com
Q: Do you offer Gluten-Free cookies?
A.  Yes we do. We have two cookies which are gluten, soy, dairy and nut free.
Q: Where can I find detailed nutritional information about your cookies?
A.  If you click on "Cookies" which is on the main menu bar you will find descriptions of all cookies and links to nutrition facts and ingredients statements: http://squirrelsbakery.com/cookies.php
Q: What is meant by Commercial Bakery Services?
A.  Squirrel's Bakery and Squirrel's LLC are a cookie and baked goods manufacturer. Although we order products through retail channels such as the web and at the local farmers market, our main distribution channel will eventually be through local fresh food retailers, catering boutiques, cafes, coffee shops and grocery stores to name a few. If you are interested in carrying any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us at info (at) squirrelsbakery.com or call (757) 819-4165.
Q: Are you looking for an investor or partner to grow.
A.  We are very interested in meeting someone who can help our busines grow. Please contact alex@squirrelsbakery.com